Pre-Order for Pick-Up: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 4:30-630pm

Collective Goods

We are currently on hold - seeking a permanent home. 
Stay tuned as we will be doing LONG WEEKEND KITS!

It Started with Staff Meal

The Collection of Goods

It's such a blessing to have good food that I don't have to cook for myself at the end of my long days, and my partner was grateful to have a way to support me from far away. What you are doing is amazing and impacting others in more ways that I am sure you will ever know. Thank you!

Frontline Healthcare Worker

This is such a fantastic initiative. Beautiful display of community support

Michael Hagel

OMG!!!! Incredible So easy to reheat. I plated it just like Chef Sean said, and pretended I did it myself (but gave full credit to Say Mercy) when I FaceTimed everyone to show them! Best Quarantine meal I've had in two months!

Marci Hammer

Staff meal Partners

it's not take out

it's take home

Pay It Forward

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